Creativity and Quality

Assero Blue Canvas Pants

One of the advantages of having one’s own production facility is when we need new trousers, we make them. Here’s a pair of “Assero” blue canvas pants made over the weekend. What you can’t see is the golden-yellow pockets and contrasting internal stitching. They came out pretty well, but perhaps we should have ironed them before taking the photo!

Sewing Machine Cover

Not exactly commonplace in the manufacturing industry, we ask our sewists to take pride in their work and also in their machines. We train our workers to check and adjust all the industrial sewing machines. And to begin their sewing training, we start them off making a cover for “their” sewing machine. Above is a photo of an “Assero” sewing machine cover with contrasting red stitching around the label.

On a separate note, the banding visible in the photograph is “color moirĂ©”, a digital artifact created by the frequency of the fabric and the density of the camera sensor’s pixels. In reality there is no banding on the fabric.