How to Start in Garment Design?

Drawing of Assero Ladies Classic Rider Jacket
Drawing of Assero Ladies Classic Rider Jacket

How do you start in garment design? Easy. Draw.

One of the advantages of travelling frequently is shards of time that can be put to good use. Whether it’s waiting for a plane or sitting on a long distance bus to a far corner of Thailand (Buriram International Race Circuit, for example) there’s often time to sketch.

Why does pen and paper feel meditative? Is it because it is slow? My theory is that slowness gives the brain time to re-appraise first-instinct, to improve, refine, and adapt it.

To start a design sometimes it is useful to apply an engineering framework – functional specification, techical specification, et al.. Equally valid, especially in the area of visual design, is just to start drawing. Let the ideas flow. Don’t delete. Draw many versions so that later you can choose whichever you prefer. Or parts of each.

Is the latest, greatest digital drawing tablet required? A sketch book, an HB, 2B, and 4B pencils, and an eraser are all that’s needed. Sitting down helps.

Design & Drawing, Assero Air-Blast Jacket

The first drawing of what became the Assero Air-Blast jacket.