Hot, Fast, Noisy, and Stinky

As human civilisation arcs towards the Singularity, A.I. progresses with deep neural networks refined through reinforcement learning, and we detect consciousness in animals outside the primates…. Why in the name of all that is reasoned would a man love something as uncompromisingly retrograde as a motorcycle? Aren’t they uncomfortable, dangerous, loud enough for legal action, a combustible cocktail of hot fluids, mass and velocity that can scorch, stain, scar and mess you up?

Dangerous to the point of insanity. In fact, dangerous to the pointy-end, way beyond the reasoning of a sane man. Motorcycles just are.

That’s why your first love’s parents didn’t like you. They saw that gleam in your eye. Instinctively they knew you were no good for their daughter in the same way she was instinctively drawn to the man. The man with bike. The sort of man you’d keep your daughter from meeting.

For men embraced by Immortality, a bike proves they are right. Until they aren’t.

For men of an age that feels like circulating soap suds about to plunge down the bath hole, a bike proves they still have it. Not gout, a menage of veneral diseases, or intractable arthritis. The means. The energy. The life. Even if that means little more than owning an ignition key.

For men embraced by the Grim Reaper, a bike offers an happy ending. Yes, like the Ancient Greeks said, a heroic death is a good death. And heroic is any speed above the ton, and any ride that catches some air.

Hot, Noisy, Stinky...
Hot, Fast, Noisy, and Stinky – The Ducati Desmosedici RR

We get older but not necessarily wiser. Oh yes, wise enough to stop crashing. Those old crashes are beginning to haunt our bones anyway. Running is for young limbs or limbs that haven’t crashed (or hauled too many rucksacks too far, but I digress.) Stiff in the morning doesn’t have the meaning it used to have back in the day.

Think you have recovered from puberty? Neuroscience concludes that men’s brains don’t mature until twenty-five years old. And by that time it is too late to re-write bad habits and poor judgement brought on by surplus testesterone. Ways of being, ingrained over more than one decade.

At ten years old, you liked the idea of speed. At fifteen you liked the feeling. By twenty-five years old you’d go out of your way for speed; bikes, parachutes, base jumping, and as many “off-piste adventures” you could fit in before being caught.

And now, do you feel like you know better? In charge of that testersterone? Facial hair proves otherwise.

Hot, fast, noisy, and stinky. Fuck, I really love bikes.

Ressence Type 5 Diver’s Watch

Ressence Type 5 watch

To see the wristwatch company Ressence, owned by industrial designer Benoît Mintiens, develop new watches is a privilege. Rather than take the well worn path of refining a complicated movement, Ressence’s effort has been put into a re-interpretation of the traditional analogue display. It employs a particularly ingenious use of magnets to couple the underlying movement with a fluid-filled display mechanism, with a super-conductor to control the magnetic field.


At the end of 2015 Ressence launched their “diver’s watch,” the Type 5. Naturally it includes their trademark liquid-filled disc-on-disc rotating display, the patented ROCS 5 (Ressence Orbital Convex System) in a masterpiece of precision engineering and unconventional logical thought.

Ressence Type 5

In common with the “maker trend,” Ressence have published some detailed renderings of the Type 5 mechanism. Click for the large version. You will know if you are watch geek when the next press is “Set Desktop!” (All photos and graphics copyright 2015 Ressence.)

Test Post 4

We’re fixing the blog…. It’s not quite there yet, but at least the content can be read. Graphics and decoration to follow.

The blog failed after a routine, automatic upgrade. It’s a common problem. Automated updates, whether urgent security updates or scheduled amendments, are an essential part of the machinery that drives the “Cloud.” As Software-As-A-Service (SAAS) continues to drive down the cost of integrated platforms such as end to end web storefronts, inventory management, and accounting systems, small and medium sized business are able to trade in ways not possible before. And with the cost of development, deployment, and support spread over a large number of users the platform providers have a profitable economic model. Nonetheless, at the distribution end of the chain retail businesses who don’t employ IT support are at risk if there is a break in any link in the complex chain of integration that supports their livelihoods.